Mattias Stafsing Founder of Lernberger Stafsing

How do you define an idea?
The definition of an idea for me is when I ponder something for a long time, consider a challenge from different angles and the answer appears “suddenly it hits me”. That’s an idea to me.

How do you define a sketch?
My sketches are usually distinct, uncluttered, no fun, just done. Straightforward from the start is ultimately the best way.

Why do you sketch?
Sketching helps me see right or wrong, good or bad, early on.

What is the main purpose for sketching?
Orderly and organised, my mind always works at high speed. Then I need collected sketches with my thoughts, addresses, sizes, lines and ideas to sort through what is going through my mind.

What is significant about your sketches?
There is a start and a finish on each page. No loose ends. I even sometimes “re-sketch” my sketches so they look good in my sketchbook.

When do you sketch?
Often I do a sketch every day so I get a little structure in my world which seems to spin faster and faster.

What do you need to be able to sketch?
Peace and calm. My mind needs space and no interfering objects. A messy desk robs me of balance making it difficult for me to organise my thoughts.

What phases are included in your sketching?
The phases are fairly different depending on the work phase I am in. This could be a product idea/concept stage which is an initial stage. Then comes the intermediate stage where all the parts are evaluated and then the final stage where everything comes together. All these parts represent different parts of the sketching process.

How do you develop your sketching?
My sketching routine is very strict so development is not in my thoughts. It takes care of itself whether I want it to or not.

How do you know when a sketch is finished?
A sketch is done when I have gone through all the stages from start to finish.

When does a sketch become something else? When does this transformation take place?
A sketch is always a sketch, for me there is nothing else. Then it can go from idea to reality. But the sketch remains.

How do you define innovation?
Innovation is an extremely stressful word for me. For me, sketching is the best meditation and completely unpretentious, like yoga for my thoughts and hands.