Patrik Lernberger Founder of Lernberger Stafsing

How do you define an idea?
To me, an idea is when something crops up when I least expect it to.

How do you define a sketch?
I define a sketch as something private, fragile and delicate. An idea wrapped in its swaddle.

Why do you sketch?
I sketch because sometimes my memory is a blank, as quickly as an idea appears it can vanish again. If I sketch an idea, I can work on it later.

What is the main purpose for sketching?
Like a bank filled with ideas. Does the idea have validity? I find that out in the sketching stage.

What is significant about your sketches?
Private and very simple.

When do you sketch?
I sketch very well on planes. A little cliched but one night with a glass of red wine and a Spotify list which includes Grace Jones often produces really good sketches.

What do you need to be able to sketch?
Preferably, paper that is nice to write on. Sometime I have used a napkin…A fine, black felt pen.

What phases are included in your sketching?
Really varied but there is a pattern when I think about it. It usually starts with a single word which then turns into a paragraph with ideas that grow into a series…

How do you develop your sketching?
It is under constant development but should keep a certain pace. If I leave too much time between sketches it is painful to start again.

How do you know when a sketch is finished?
My sketches are never finished. They have, like their own heartbeat, life.

When does a sketch become something else? When does this transformation take place?
When I have finished thinking about it, I know that it is over and out, or time to make it real.

How do you define innovation?
When I feel that this is useful to me, I call it innovation. I know that there are very few ideas that are new, but just having that feeling that fills up your insides when you get a new insight into something is what I experience as innovation.