Steve Angello Dj & Music Producer

How do you define an idea?
An idea to me is a feeling. A feeling that it is right.

How do you define a sketch?
Rough sketching! An idea is when you lay awake at night thinking about ideas but can’t figure out what it is until it is crystal clear.

Why do you sketch?
To me, a sketch is a way of thinking. I communicate with myself, a little like talking to myself, or looking in a mirror.

What is the main purpose for sketching?
Open up your mind to the unforeseen.

What is significant about your sketches?
In the beginning, a sketch is often very innocent so freedom and playfulness give the ideas size. It starts with the ideas written in a list, and then develops into circles and lines that connect certain words. The final stage is sketching an arrangement, layout or stage production and finally, after 3-4 pages, I arrive at a concept which I then further develop or expand.

When do you sketch?
Constant. Everything I do is on paper.

What do you need to be able to sketch?
Pencil, charcoal or makeup and, naturally, a good piece of paper.

What phases are included in your sketching?
Rough sketching, thoughts, more rough sketching, clarity and ideas.

How do you develop your sketching?
Still looks like the sketches I did when I was 10 years old, but that is the charm in it. Sometimes I don’t know what I have sketched but the ideas have also ended up in arenas filled with 50,000 people.

How do you know when a sketch is finished?
I am never finished. I have hundreds of sketches, maybe thousands, that still turn up and are useful.

When does a sketch become something else? When does this transformation take place?
To me, sketches are communication with myself, the way I discuss and arrive at solutions. Once the idea or concept takes hold, there is no going back. Everything that ends up on paper exists. It is real.

How do you define innovation?
To me, innovation is new solutions. You don’t need to think up something that hasn’t been done before, but instead the way it is done.