Victoria Senkpiel Founder of Victoria Senkpiel

How do you define an idea?
An idea is a thought that you keep coming back to. That you have pondered, reflected on and challenged from all angles. When the thought keeps recurring and expanding, it takes on new life and to me that is when an idea is born.

How do you define a sketch?
A sketch is freedom. It is the thought and the hand that work in unison to freely give life to an idea that has formed.

Why do you sketch?
Because working out an idea is a natural process. It happens very naturally.

What is the main purpose for sketching?
To release your thoughts in written form.

What is significant about your sketches?
It has a chaotic structure. I sketch impressions I get and it helps me create a structure for forming an idea.

When do you sketch?
When I feel calm and can focus my energy on the thought’s energy.

What do you need to be able to sketch?
I can’t have anything else around me except my pencil and my SOT sketchbook that I value and respect.

What phases are included in your sketching?
I use sketches to develop the idea./I work with a sketch to develop the idea. So the sketches are a way to structure my thoughts. That’s why they are always in the start phase and chaotic – they are a tool for my thoughts. They can be both pictures and text.

How do you develop your sketching?
They are developed naturally depending on why and what I sketch. I don’t think of it as a development. But my mind and my hand are challenging me on how to formulate my thoughts into something understandable.

How do you know when a sketch is finished?
When I no longer come back to it and want to add something or challenge it. Then I am finished.

When does a sketch become something else? When does this transformation take place?
When I have started another sketch. I do not control it, my thoughts do. I respect only my thoughts and I let them steer my sketch work.

How do you define innovation?
To me, innovation is when you give life to something that offers another angle to something that already exists, or that does not exist in its current form.